Buff Bagwell Fans Concerned After "Cameo" Video Of Pro Wrestling Star With Beaten Up Face Surfaces

Buff Bagwell fans are concerned after an alarming "Cameo" video of the former WCW Superstar recently surfaced featuring the pro wrestling star sporting a badly beaten up face, which he referenced as a "broke face," along with slurred speech.

Fans can spend $50 to get a personalized "Cameo" video message from Buff Bagwell, or various other amounts to get one from any number of pro wrestling stars and other celebrities.

For example, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns recently created an account, and Dolph Ziggler even personally purchased a video from Hornswoggle.

"“Look at me!" Bagwell exclaimed with slurred speech when bragging about still being a good looking guy despite having what he described as a "broke face."

"I got a broke face and I’m still good looking," he continued. "Look at me!"

A few moments later, the still charismatic Bagwell took a somewhat dark turn when he referenced "putting a chokehold on [his] girlfriend [..] just to end this motherf*cker," while relating to the Cameo-buyer who was in distress over COVID-19 quarantine life, just like so many others are these days.

"Well guess what motherf*cker," Bagwell started when shifting gears from his opening banter to the Cameo-buyers' requested topic. "We all are!"

He continued, "Are you f*cking kidding me?! Sh*t, I'm about to tear my own house up right the f*ck now! I'm thinking about putting a choke hold on my girlfriend -- who's also the cameraman -- just to end this motherf*cker!"

Thankfully, things did end on a lighter note, as Bagwell concluded his promo with a suggestion to the Cameo-buyer on how to kill some time while waiting out the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm over it, but you still have TV and YouTube," Bagwell said. "So, just toss back a six-pack and watch a few great matches."

Watch the video of former WCW pro wrestling star Marcus "Buff" Bagwell's "Book Cameo" promo below. To purchase a Cameo video from an available pro wrestler or celebrity of your choosing, visit Cameo.com.


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