Carmella Talks James Ellsworth Winning MITB For Her, How She Loved The Drama It Caused

During her interview on Ryan Satin's Out Of Character podcast WWE superstar Carmella spoke about her experience winning Money In The Bank, and how she was unsure if her carrying the briefcase was the company's original plan. The former SmackDown women's champion also touches on the controversy of her lackey, James Ellsworth, originally snagging the briefcase, which was met with backlash from the WWE Universe. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says she loved the drama and controversy of James Ellsworth winning the women's MITB:

"I was super excited. At that point in my career, I had never won a title and thought it was something that would solidify me as making history. Even though I wasn't the one grabbing the briefcase and I knew that would be very controversial, but I thought it's even better that it's controversial because people would be talking about it. It was trending on Twitter for a few days because people were so upset. To me, I loved the drama and controversy."

Says she wasn't sure her winning the second MITB ladder match was the original plan:

"With that, we ended up having it again a week later and I was able to grab it myself that time. I remember thinking, 'this is big. I'm doing something big and I had been waiting for that opportunity and I wanted to prove myself and prove myself on the mic. I don't know if I was necessarily going to win the second match. I knew the first one was going to be controversial, but I don't think I was originally supposed to win it again. The SmackDown after winning, I cut a promo and I remember thinking, 'this is my opportunity to kill it.' I came back through the curtain and Vince was so complimentary to me about my promo and was like, 'some of my top guys can't cut a promo like that.' I was so excited and it ended up winning it again. It really propelled my career."

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)