Chairshot Radio: Mommy In The Bank

Greg, Miranda, and Patrick discuss Becky Lynch stepping away to be a mother, Money In The Bank shenanigans, Su Yung and more!

The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting are live as Patrick O'Dowd, Miranda Morales, and Greg DeMarco present another engaging edition of... Chairshot Radio! (Formerly The Greg DeMarco Show)

This week's Chairshot Radio topics include...
* Thoughts on Becky Lynch's pregnancy revelation, and how WWE handled everything around it.
* Greg hated the Money In The Bank Ladder Match(es), and he's not alone!
* Su Yung and Susie re-sign with Impact Wrestling, and it's a classic Greg DeMarco Show moment!
* Oddsmakers makes a return!

Hear all that and more--including the Theme Song of the Week and Baron Corbin Sucks--on this week's edition of Chairshot Radio!

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Greg DeMarco is a life-long wrestling fan who has been providing analysis and perspective online since 2010. He's also worked for various wrestling promotions including the NWA and Ring Of Honor, and currently promotes IZW Wrestling in Arizona.

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WWE Becky Lynch Pregnancy Podcast