Chairshot Radio: You Get 3 Wishes... (4/15/2020)

The Wrestling Genie is in the house and you get 3 wishes... do you change the past? Fix things today? Or impact the future? Greg, Miranda, and Patrick share their wishes on Chairshot Radio!

The Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting are live as Patrick O'Dowd, Miranda Morales, and Greg DeMarco present another engaging edition of... Chairshot Radio! (Formerly The Greg DeMarco Show.)

This week's topics include:

* What do you mean The Greg DeMarco Show is coming back? (What do you mean what do I mean?)
* Whose death is Greg nullifying with his first wish?
* Which WCW pay-per-view is Patrick bringing back?
* Does Miranda spend a wish on independent wrestling?
* Plus discussion around the again-defunct XFL!

Hear all that and more--including the Theme Song of the Week and Baron Corbin Sucks--on this week's edition of Chairshot Radio!

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