Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Reportedly Get Into Backstage Confrontation After WWE Smackdown Went Off Air

-- Following Friday's WWE Smackdown in which Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair exchanged their respective women's titles, there was a backstage confrontation between the two stars. The WrestleVotes account first alluded to some backstage theatrics when in responding to a tweet by Flair's fiance Andrade, they replied with "this is only the beginning of the story that unfolded tonight…" without divulging any more details.

-- released a report earlier today noting that the two superstars had a "confrontation" after the show went off air based mainly around the way the belts were exchanged. Prior to the segment, Charlotte had reportedly told officials that she wanted to ensure that neither she nor her title reign looked weak. It's unclear what exactly was part of the script and what wasn't but the segment saw Flair throw the Raw title on the ground before picking it back up and handing it to Lynch. Lynch on the other hand threw her Smackdown title on the ground to Flair. The report indicates that this was the plan but it didn't go exactly the way it should have and when the two women went to the back, "loud words" were exchanged but the confrontation never got physical. The story goes that Lynch felt that Flair was "trying to make her look bad."