Charlotte Flair on Return Date: "I'll Only Be Gone For a Few Weeks"

-- Charlotte Flair was recently written out of WWE storylines after losing to Asuka and being attacked by Nia Jax. While WWE has played this up as a legitimate injury, news came out that she was actually undergoing elective surgery and would be out for anywhere between 6-8 weeks, however, a later report then claimed that Flair would be sidelined even longer, perhaps even until 2021 with a "zero" percent chance of returning for SummerSlam. Speaking on Sport Hiatus, Charlotte clarified her status:

“I’ll only be gone for a few weeks. They can still play things on the WWE Network but utilizing my social media will be most important while I’m gone.

With WWE, there are so many things that I’m part of. I’m part of an organization called ‘Girl Up’ where I’m able to stream live from my social media—no one is going to miss me. They’re still going to feel like I’m there is basically what I’m saying. I’m gone but I’m not really gone.”