Charlotte Flair Talks Why She Shouldn’t Compete In The WWE Queen Of The Ring Tournament

Charlotte Flair is recognized as the most decorated Superstar in all of the WWE and she is also known to be one of, if not the greatest female athlete and wrestler in pro wrestling today. Charlotte Flair is referred to as "The Queen Of WWE" and deservedly so as she is an 11-time WWE Women's Champion.

If you ask the WWE Universe or the fans, Charlotte has done everything there is to do in the business but if you ask Charlotte Flair herself, she is still more she wants to accomplish before she hangs up the boots. One of the things "The Queen" Charlotte Flair feels she does not need to accomplish in WWE is winning, let alone competing in the Queen of the Ring tournament, which is reportedly scheduled to take place starting the October 8th episode of SmackDown, then continuing on the October 11th episode of RAW before the finals, which is scheduled to take place at WWE's Crown Jewel Event on October 21st in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking with talkSPORT, Charlotte Flair made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t think she should be competing in the tournament and instead, she should just face the winner.

Charlotte Flair said:

“Being that I’m already The Queen, if it was to happen, I believe whoever wins it has to face me, since I am The Queen of Queens, right? [laughs]. I don’t think I should have to be in it, I already have the title. They should get to face me if they win. It won’t be Queen versus Queen, it will be Queen versus whoever won the tournament. [laughs] let’s get something right!”

The Queen of the Ring tournament is set to feature talents from both RAW and SmackDown, but Charlotte Flair thinks that talents from the NXT brand should compete in the tournament as well, so that it can highlight and feature as many women as possible.