Charlotte Says She Enjoyed Sasha Banks' Work With Reginald But Explains Why WWE Doesn't Need Intergender Matches

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair recently joined Isiah Scott's "Swerve City podcast" to discuss a number of topics, including intergender wrestling and how hard the women in WWE work to gain a spot on a match card. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Comments on intergender wrestling:

I feel the same with the women and we finally are there. It’s no longer like, ‘The Divas and the male superstars.’ We’re all just superstars. I don’t necessarily want or think that the women need to compete against the men but I do think in certain situations like with Reginald, did I say his name correctly? What he is doing with Sasha [Banks] is phenomenal but I don’t think that needs to be a common thing. Like it works with them and their storyline and him being Mella’s manager but to have intergender — it’s almost like how you [MyVerse, BattleRap artist] were saying when someone puts down your family or they use cheap pops in battling, sometimes I feel like for a woman to hit a man or a man to hit a woman, it’s not as creative as two women having to tell this story versus, like, ‘Oh my God, she just slapped him.’

How the women will not just settle for having one match on a card:

It’s an easy thing but I think what we’re fighting for is like you said, there was only one woman in the category for MC Of The Year, it’s the same. I think overall, the women can’t just settle with there’s one women’s match on the card on an entire show. There needs to be multiple stories going at one time and whoever is the main event, deserves the main event because of their story, not because they’re male or female.

Check out the Queen's full thoughts in the video below. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)