Chelsea Green Discusses Recent Release From WWE, Reflects On Her SmackDown Debut

Pro-wrestling star Chelsea Green recently spoke with Fightful about her release from WWE this past week, and how she was 100% shocked that it happened. She later adds that WWE did give her the option to return somewhere down the line before sharing stories of how her SmackDown debut was a big mess. Highlights are below.

Says she was totally shocked regarding her release:

“I actually was totally shocked. Not going to lie, I was totally shocked. I understand it. I wasn’t used and of course when I was used then I broke my arm. So I was definitely shocked, and in previous years when they have done the releases I was expecting it more throughout those releases. I was kind of ready last year and times before, but this time I was very shocked because I know my potential in the company and I know what I bring to the table, which is something different; character work and acting skills and promo abilities and that’s something that I know I will thrive at when I’m able to show that. So yeah, I was totally shocked. Thankfully I was given a little bit of a heads up, a little warning, ‘Hey they are cutting people,’ so I was able to mentally prepare myself just in case because I will say, if I hadn’t have got that text letting me know, I would have thought that that phone call was for my debut and that would have been embarrassing. I am so thankful that I was forewarned because, wow, I was ready to debut, you know?”

How WWE told her that she could always come back somewhere down the line:

“They kind of say the same thing every time, which is that WWE is a revolving door and we’ve seen that happen, especially when we saw Jinder come back, and people like that, and become the champ. I know that that’s a possibility. I know that that sentence is true. With that being said, you can’t sit around and wait and I’m just not that type of person to sit around and wait. I never have been. I think that’s why I’ve done well in wrestling. I always left the party before the party was over. Even though I didn’t leave the party this time, I got kicked out, the party still is going. I can still come back and the party’s still going to be going.”

Talks her SmackDown debut:

“I think I sat outside Vince’s office for 4 weeks. At that point, we were going to debut — I was going to debut as a trios. So we had moved on, Mickie [James] storyline is out, trio idea is in. It was going to be sexy, Pussycat Dolls meets Charlie’s Angels — whatever it was. We hadn’t gone too far down the rabbit hole of thinking what that idea was going to be. But we were going to debut in a trio; myself, Danielle Kamela [Vanessa Borne] and Santana Garrett. I loved that idea. I think I’m going to say that about every idea because once I hear an idea, I get invested and I think of all the things that can come from it. So I loved it because I have a history with Danielle. We tried out for Tough Enough together. We were both alternates together so we did have a lot of time alone. Then, of course, Santana is one of my best friends. We travelled the world together. We were a tag team. I know how she works. So I knew that we were going to be able to make that work. I sat outside Vince’s office with them for a couple weeks and then on my own for a couple weeks. That idea ended up — I was able to meet with a couple writers but I never got to meet with Vince for that four weeks of waiting. Which again, COVID, obviously, that’s totally fine. Then once that idea was done and there was no ideas, I went again and waited for three weeks, and then I think on the third or fourth week he ended up being able to see me, which was the best thing ever for my career. He sat down and we probably had a 30-minute chat. He asked who I was in terms of who do I want to be presented as and I told him I’ve probably pitched 15, 20 ideas and he said, ‘Okay, give them to me. Pitch them to me.’ I pitched every single, 15 ideas to him. He wrote them all down. We talked about each one. We talked about what would work and what wouldn’t. He asked me why I thought certain things would work and why I thought certain things wouldn’t, and 2 weeks later I was in that Survivor Series qualifying match … It went very well. Who knows on his end what he thought of me, but I left with such a positive vibe about the entire thing and relaying the meeting to Matt [Cardona], I realized how lucky I was to get such a long sitdown with Vince McMahon. People just don’t get that.”

On waiting outside Vince's office for a long time:

“You show up at call time. You show up at, you know, 1 or 2. I would show up around — so call time is 2 so I would show up around 1:30. I would sit beside his security guards outside his office and I would wait until 5 p.m… If you go and somebody else is sitting there you’re like, ‘No!’ You know there’s a chance you might not and you’re going to sit there forever. I’ll have to post it one of these days, but every time I waited outside I took a picture with Vince’s office in the background with a funny face.”