Chelsea Green Talks About Plans For Her Constantly Changing During Her WWE Run, Moving Back Down To NXT & More

As noted, Chelsea Green recently spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful for an in-depth interview reflecting back on her run with WWE.

In addition to the highlights we recently published from the interview here on the website, the women's wrestling star also spoke about her original WWE main roster call-up, how plans for her kept changing, moving back to NXT and more.

Featured below are some more of the highlights from the interview, as well as a complete video archive of the discussion.

On being called up to WWE main roster originally in December of 2019 with real-life best friend Deonna Purrazzo for a series of singles matches and with plans to have her do something in the tag-team division: "I would guess that they called us originally for some sort of tag match. There was something going on at the time that was tag related and I can’t remember what it was now. But, I do remember some tag related stuff. It was tag related. But, then when we got up there I also heard that it was just, ‘Who are two girls that can go that haven’t necessarily been overexposed on NXT? It’s not an NXT talent coming up; it’s just a talent coming up.’ ‘Cause we hadn’t had that spotlight shone on us on NXT yet. So, I mean, that was pretty friggin’ cool. But, you know, originally VXT was myself, Deonna and Rachel. That was supposed to be a trio, but then Rachel got injured. So, that was so unfortunate, that whole thing was so unfortunate."

On reaching her goal of being on the WWE main roster and being excited for what was ahead of her in her WWE career: "Honestly, I was so happy because I, again, worked my whole career to be on the main roster. So, I didn’t put Main Event in any different category than RAW or Smackdown, because I was so new. I was so new and at the time I had already seen a couple of the NXT girls go up, do Main Events to prove or to give the main roster time for them to decide, ‘What box are we putting her in? What is her character? What is her storyline? What is her deal?’ So, I was like, ‘Woo, let’s go. I’m on the main roster. My family gets to see me in Canada,’ ‘cause they didn’t get to see me in Canada in NXT if I was on NXT. It didn’t air then. So, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, all my friends are gonna be able to walk into a sports bar and say, ‘Put on RAW,’ and there’s their girlfriend on TV.’ So, I was in heaven and at that point, I had been told I was called up."

On not batting an eye after heading back to NXT after working a couple of Main Event tapings following her quick loss to Charlotte Flair on Raw: "I didn’t think anything of the NXT live events because I had been told in the past that people would still do 30 days at NXT. So, there was nothing out of the ordinary for me there. It was also kind of fun to be up on the main roster on that big stage and then go get that pop in a little indie venue. That’s pretty cool, too, right? ‘Cause I wasn’t getting that before hand. I got that at the beginning of my NXT career, but then I turned into, ‘Well, she’s not on TV. So, she’ s not Bianca. She’s not winning the NXT UK title, so she’s not Rhea. So, who is she? Who cares who she is?’ Right? So, that was kind of cool to come back and have those matches and have them be excited to see me."

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