Chelsea Green: "You Could Not Pay Me To Stay In This Business If I Was Not Doing What I’m Doing"

During her appearance on Face Turn with Candace Cordelia, Impact Knockout Chelsea Green reflected on the days after her WWE release. Chelsea also explained why she doesn’t have any desire to stay in wrestling when her in-ring career is over, and more. Check out her comments below.

On getting her confidence back after being released from WWE:

“I love it because I feel like I lost a little bit of confidence, not necessarily from being fired, but just from going through a system that’s so huge and producing new stars and you’re just kind of wondering, why am I not there? Why am I not the star I want to be? So, I lost a little bit of my shine, but I feel like I got that back with Ring of Honor, NWA, and Impact. Going to Impact was just like going home. It was easy to step back into that role. I just feel like the past six months have been so positive, and it’s given me all my confidence back. I kind of feel like I’m ready to tackle 2022 now.”

On taking a another role in the business once her in-ring career is over:

“Never. Not in a million years. You could not pay me to stay in this business if I was not doing what I’m doing. No way. I don’t have the passion. I did not grow up as a diehard wrestling fan. I love performing, and I didn’t know that performing was going to lead me down this route. It could have been friggin’ musical theatre, I don’t know. But I ended up in this avenue and this is just where I’m going to stay, but I’m not going to venture outside.”

On the next chapter of her wrestling career:

“I’m trying to decide what route I want to go down – if I want to stay kind of dipping my toes everywhere or if I want to jump in with one company. I’m not really sure, but I do feel like I want to make a decision come 2022.”