Chris Bey Discusses The IMPACT Lockerroom, Wrestling During a Pandemic, Hard to Kill PPV & more

-- Chris Bey appeared on The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast recently. Below are highlights:

Being A Part Of Impact Wrestling Roster:

"It's incredible you know, to be a part of impact wrestling, I used to be a fan of impact wrestling growing up. So to take this childhood dream and make it a reality is one thing in itself.

But then when I signed it, to impact, I remember how much I enjoyed their locker room and the energy of the performers and how much everybody cared about the show. So it felt like the place that I wanted to start really start my career and show the world who I was and be a part of that and cared just as much with the roster and build with that team. So to get to IMPACT now and to be doing the great things that I've been able to do and accomplish and then to, like you said, become one of the featured performers in my first year is incredible. And I just hope that, you know, the same way people look at IMPACT now and they say, oh, yeah, you know, AJ Styles, Samoa, Joe. And they talk about these pioneers of IMPACT wrestling. I want my name to be associated like that. And I want people to think and say that I get that nowadays when people tell me and they start watching IMPACT because of me or they've been a long time fan and I'm on their top of the list now with IMPACT, I think that I'm accomplishing my dreams here. You know, I'm just living out the dream. So it's a blessing. And I'm glad that IMPACT wanted to take a chance on me."

On Possibility Of Winning The X-Division Titie at Hard To Kill

That's the plan. And that's the game plan. I've been in the gym, you know, working out physically. I've been meditating, working on my mind mentally and, you know, just protecting my energy you know, and making him stressed out a little bit more, making it make it. I think that we're all on the same page. I think that come Hard To Kill. I'm walking out the X-Division champion for the second time and I leave two clowns embarrassed, you know, Manic, I don't know how to prepare for a guy like Manic, but I know how to manipulate a guy like Rhett. And I know how with the help of manipulating Rhett before I was able to defeat Mantic by DQ. Nonetheless, I was able to defeat him. So if I can only just pull those strings just a little bit more right. You know, I can cause some sort of a three second opportunity for myself to take back what's rightfully mine. So that's the game plan, to walk out of hard to kill two time X Division champion and put that title right in that beautiful placeholder, that that scintillating jacket I whereas it'll just all come together so perfectly.

Pandemic Wrestling in front of an Empty Arena:

I think it makes me a better performer, you know, at the end of the day, because I always prided myself on how well I was able to connect with the audience and attendance. You know, when I first started wrestling, everything I was doing wasn't really filmed or streamed on YouTube, were uploaded, you know, post match. So it was kind of only for people in attendance. So I remember from my first couple of experiences, it was always like the fans attaching themselves to me and being like, wow, this kid's good. This kid is going to be something one day, or this kid has a natural ability. And now it's gone from that to me as soon as I get with the company. Unfortunately, the circumstances that make it to where now there is no audience for people to hit like that, to feel that direct connection. So now I'm praying that when they're looking on their screen, they don't find something on their phone for a second that takes them away from what I'm doing or that something doesn't happen in their living room. Wherever they're watching that with whoever that distracts them from what I'm doing, I'm praying that they can stay connected to what I'm doing over here because I don't have that direct line where I could afford to be like, hey, you're texting over there. Watch this gnarly dropkick. It's almost like, oh, then I. Well, that wasn't really gnarly I found out because he just called me out now I don't have that, but I think it's made me a better performer because. I've changed my work rate ever so subtly that I was able to dial in more on the work that I'm doing, but still include the people at home, you know, like the segment where I just spoke about where I defeated Manic by a DQ. And then I let the audience in our home know via the facial expressions of how I feel and how, you know, it all was a part of my plan. You know, that's something that if their fans are in attendance, they're going to feel that differently because they're going to, you know, be specific. People like it and get to get that reaction from analysts. OK, I have these cameras here to tell the story, but it was all a part of what I needed to become a better performer anyway. You know, you want to be a great professional wrestler, you become a TV wrestler and you become a part of a major TV company. And Pat gave me the opportunity. And I've been able to start really developing a character that people understand and able to work cameras and tell these long term television stories.

On Who He WOuld Be Defending the X-Division Title If Winning at HARD TO KILL:

I mean, so as you see, right with the first reign, I was not a stranger to competition. Oh, well, T.J. was talking about he wants to face you for the title. we'll bring them. You know, I don't care, you know. And then maybe he was able to trick me into feeling like I needed his back up, you know, and that was what it was. But in reality, play inside, I was like, come on, bring on the challengers. So, I'm not running from anybody. I'm not going to defeat every challenge or oh, I didn't say this or I didn't say that the title was on the line or not. I already beat this person. I want to wrestle whoever wants to challenge me. So I feel like he is going to want to he's going to win, you know Rhett is a shot, you know, and to be fair, he and I have been run in the same circle with each other since I showed up on Impact, you know, my second week with the company, you know, the scramble match and was me. It was Acy it was it was doga. It was Willie it was Rohett, really it was really it was Trey and me. And Rohett had that moment in the match, you know, and then it kind of blew off. And then rebellion happened in the match, suicide and Trey in real heat. And then he'd have this other moment and stuff was swing that happens. And then he pulls back up. And meanwhile, heat has been just like this the whole time since I got here. So I think a program with Rohett would be something that has to get done, I think would be very entertaining. I think we have a natural drink on screen chemistry that entertains the fans. And whenever we're on TV together, I only see people on social media talking about it. So I know they enjoy it. And then after Rohett, I would love to test myself against a former exhibition champion being one Ace Austin. You know, he was killing it right now and he's been killing it ever since. You know, he showed up here and he and I had crossed paths once or twice. But I think, you know, it would be a great test for myself to prove that I'm the best X Division champion of this time. And I have to go through all the champions of this time to make that a true statement.

State of The Impact Locker Room:

Yeah, I said when I first got here and packages that family, you know, they all just want that common goal of putting on the best show possible and navigating through all the hatred that this has got throughout the previous years. And, you know, bad business deals, whatever, whatever and what have you. But this new crop of talent and mixed with the veterans we have, we all want to put on the best possible show.

So fast forward to now where, as you know, WWE has the Thunderdome and AEW has their roster in the crowd and then select ticket sales. We are still doing it in front of no live audience. So for us, it's that same mentality where we're all just being together and making sure that we're going to put on our best show possible for the viewers at home and do this so that, you know, we're all proud of the work we produce and that the fans are going to be happy with the work that we produce and the content that we're giving them right now. I still feel that it's original. Fresh and no one's phoning it in because we all still want to have the best match that we can possibly have and I know Hard To Kill is no different. You know, I'm going to put on the best match that I've had. I just said the match with Rich Swan was my best match ever, that I personally am looking to top that every time I get in the ring. So I'd Hard to Kill it will be different. I want the next time I talk to someone and I say, oh yeah, well, my best match was the triple threat, hard to kill. I wanted to keep moving forward like that progressively. And I think that's how our whole locker room feels. Everyone wants to have their best match.

Hard To Kill Cell-abration:

When you say you're going to have to sign up, you sign up and then you're going to be able to talk to all your favorite IMPACT stars. As simple as this man, you are being able to talk right now. Right. Which is a privilege to be able to you know, anybody you need anybody you want to get your hands on. You got to tune in. You got to jump in. You got to sign up. You got to come talk. You got to give strategy.

You got to let us know if you saw somebody from a rival company posting on their account that they were in the building in the back. So we got to look out for them, give us all the tips and tricks. You got to tell us the sneaky. You got to tell me. Well, he showed seven days. I need to hear it all. I need to know all the secrets, all the inside info. Or we could just chat. We're going to do it up like we are right now. You can.

And I'm saying calm me down, Chris. You know, you got this. Now I know how I know you got this. But I'm telling you again, you got this. You know, I was like, hey, Deonna Purarzzo, you the greatest Knockouts Champion, whatever you want to say, you could be like, hey, Tasha and Kira, You know, I'm saying I know y'all go in the Tag Championships and when I do become the X-Division champion, I need to see a trios because that'll be fire, so you can tell us whatever you want to tell us. The celebration starts at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

On If He Would DO An Ultimate X Match:

Wow, Thats' a hard match. That's a hard match. It's a hard bump to fall from. That's a scary scenario. And not being on the spot because I mean, I've heard it before with fans, you know, like going into word answers, like, oh, please let this be the ultimate expression. I was like, wow, you want to make this more difficult for me whose side you're on with this? I thought we were going to do it if you wanted to see me win, not, you know, hurt myself.

But if it's something that people want to see, I'm down for it, especially because I know with my athleticism and with my creativity, I'd be able to give people something to do with the Ultimate X match, go in the highlights and, you know, give someone else the next person, the next crop something.

Excuse me, no rhyme intended. It'll be the next crop to something to top because we'll just make some more history and. If I'm the one to bring it back, you know, I'll take the credit for that too.