Chris Jericho Beats Down Drunk Fan Following Incident In Saskatchewan

Chris Jericho is a gangster.

The pro wrestling veteran is back in the headlines following another real-life incident that resulted in Jericho literally kicking some ass.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the incident began when a drunk man who was specifically described as being "all messed up" tried working his way onto the Fozzy tour bus after a concert in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Apparently another younger man also wanted on the tour bus to get some autographs. A second man who appeared to be with the intoxicated gentleman who later ended up in police custody tried to help the autograph seeker onto the bus.

The band decided they did not want the intoxicated guy on the bus because of his demeanor, but apparently that didn't stop him from continuing to try. One of the crew members noticed this and a physical scuffle broke out that resulted in him suffering a broken collarbone.

And then Chris Irvine appeared.

Jericho reportedly came off the bus and began yelling at the intoxicated guy as he was being kicked out, and ended up spearing him, mounting him and pummeling him with punches. He then apparently returned on the bus before exiting once more to hit the drunk dude with a few additional shots for good measure.

The crowd popped.

Then the crowd tried to reprimand the drunk guy until police arrived. Unfortunately, he escaped and fled, leading to a police chase that concluded when they eventually caught him. As of this writing there is no word regarding what charges the man was hit with.

We will update you as additional information continues to surface.