Chris Jericho On Dark Side of the Ring, Hard Revisiting Chris Benoit Story, Chavo Guerrero and more

AEW superstar Chris Jericho spoke to Newsweek to hype the upcoming second season of Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring. Highlights from the interview are below.

Why the show is important:

It's one of those things where it doesn't matter if it alleviates it. It's more important to tell the story from the perspective of the people who were involved directly with it. And that's why it's such an important show if you believe in the history of wrestling or want to know more about what happened.

Getting closure from talking about the Chris Benoit events:

There's a story there that needed to be told. It's important to show the human side of those things. Was it hard to talk about? Yeah. Was it important for me to be involved? Absolutely. It's something that I wouldn't have done if the other people weren't involved in it. They had their say and get to explain how they feel and it gives some sort of closure as well.

On the friendship between Benoit and Eddie Guerrero:

No one will ever understand what they went through other than those two. I was glad I was able to bring them together," Jericho said. "They have a friendship that was able to last to this day. The fact that both did Dark Side of the Ring was incredible and I'm happy for that. I think those two need each other to lean on and share feelings that no one else really ever shares the amount of losses they had.

Chavo Guerrero being a key component:

If it was anyone else that wasn't Chavo Guerrero I would have said no. But when Chavo said what the plan was I was all for it because he was just as close to Chris and Eddie as I was," Jericho said. "And then I was able to bring Dean Malenko, and David and Sandra were involved. There's no way I wouldn't have done it once I found out they were involved. There's no way I wouldn't have done it once I found out all these people who were super close were involved in it to tell the story the right way.

Benoit's brilliance in the ring:

We were talking about Benoit's career, you have to separate the two. Especially for me, who was so intertwined with him," Jericho said. "When I decided to talk about [Benoit's] brilliance in the ring it had nothing to do with how I feel about what he did in the last weekend of his life. Some people get, 'You can't mention that,' but I can and I will and if you don't like it then don't listen. Because I was involved with so many parts of his career and I had some of my best matches with him. If I feel like talking about it in a positive way that's my right as a performer, as a friend of Chris, and as a peer. There's no doubt that the guy was one of the greatest performers of all-time and there's going to be people who watch his matches for inspiration and that's ok," Jericho said. "I think that those generations will always watch Benoit in the same way that generations watched Dynamite Kid and other wrestlers that he watched. I wish I wrestled like Benoit. I'm good at a lot of things, but he was good at everything in the ring. Eddie too. That's why both of those guys had such mirror careers. They are both so great at what they did. There are so many similarities, the only difference is that Eddie's death is 'critically acclaimed' and the other ... you can never say his name ever again.

Full interview here.