Chris Jericho Releases Statement On Passing Of Former WWE Referee Tim White

The tributes for late referee Tim White continue to surface on various social media channels for pro wrestling stars.

On Sunday evening, Chris Jericho took to his official Instagram page to share some photos of himself with the former WWE official, as well as a statement commenting on his passing.

The statement the leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society in AEW shared with the photos reads as follows:

Very sad to hear of the passing of my friend and biggest WWE supporter Timmy White!! The last match Timmy ever reffed was Triple H and I in the Hell In A Cell in 2002. He had to take a bump into the cage and get “injured” so the door could be opened, which would allow us to go to the top of the cage for the finish.

Timmy told me to throw him into the cage as hard as I could, so it looked real. He took that bump so fuckin hard that he tore out his shoulder and never reffed again.

I felt awful, but he always said to me “I told u to throw me into the cage hard. You did EXACTLY what I asked u to do. Now let’s go have a beah!” This is one of a hundred stories I could tell about this great man. I will miss him forever. The wrestling biz will never see another man this loyal and this proud to be a part of the business and to be one of the boys. I love you Timmy! Save a liquor basket raffle ticket for me on the other side. Even though you always seemed to win….

Check out the actual post from the official Instagram page of Chris Jericho embedded below.