Claudio Castagnoli Says He Doesn't Really Have A Dream Opponent List: "I Just Want To Work With Everybody"

AEW superstar and current ROH world champion Claudio Castagnoli recently spoke with Bleacher Report about a wide range of topics, including his thoughts on the Blackpool Combat Club potentially adding new members, and how he doesn't really have a dream list of opponents. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says the BCC is always looking for new members:

“We’re always looking for good additions. I think the key is, who’s gonna step up? It’s somebody who needs to fit the group’s needs and to have the mentality and the ability. The AEW locker room is full of people who have the potential. Who can realize that potential?”

Says he doesn't really have a dream list, he wants to work with everybody:

“That’s not me. I know that became very popular when Cody [Rhodes] made that list. And then afterward, everybody made a list. So I make sure I’m kind of always going against the grain. I just want to work with everybody. I just want to face whoever’s ready at whatever point because that’s the fun for people. That’s all I want, and even people who may have been forgotten or who want to prove themselves. I think fans have their own list of who they want me to face in AEW and Ring of Honor. And for every single person I’ve heard so far, I’ve said ‘Yes, please.'”