Cody Rhodes Explains How AEW's TV Show Will Feel New & Fresh

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) executive Cody Rhodes recently took some time out for an interview with the folks from the New York Post. During the discussion, Cody explained how AEW will feel "fresh" from both a television and roster-building perspective. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how AEW's TV show will be fresh: "To me it's treating it as live sports. The core to that is characters, and I think characters beam across your television set or devices in ways perhaps people have forgotten. Wrestling used to have these great enhancements matches, these squash matches where you would see these characters and the things he could do. He'd tell you what you had at the pay-per-view event and things of that nature.

"At the core of all wrestling, when it's done right, is the characters and their connection to the audience. If you really think about it, we're the only thing out there — the pro wrestling genre in general — we are the only thing out there with that type of engagement with the audience, and that engagement somehow affects what happens in the ring, especially when you are someone like a Chris Jericho and you can hear it, feel it completely in your bone. It's really important that the character engage the audience. You don't just want to be watching a show, you want to be participating."

On how AEW will feel fresh from a talent and roster building perspective: "In terms of talent, that's what matters a great deal to me. It's one of the biggest factors in hiring is fresh. To give you an example: We've all watched a lot of wrestling where a lot of guys have been recycled and rehashed and reused, and there is always a lot of activation of the legend. I totally get that. I'm not anti it. I just think, if you're starting a company and not many people have been starting a company in wrestling, you start with people they haven't seen and people who haven't gotten the opportunity and get to grow up in front of you and balance it out.

"Chris Jericho is a six-time world champion, cool. And that only helps the people he shares that locker room with, and that's been a big thing. It's ironic that it's the ex-WWE guy saying it in me, but obviously we don't just want to do, 'He's ex-WWE, let's throw him the world and hope he comes hang out with us.'"

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