Cody Rhodes Speaks On The Revolution That Is AEW

AEW superstar and Executive VP Cody Rhodes released the following statement on his Instagram thanking the passionate AEW fanbase for their support for the promotion, where the American Nightmare states how often this new "revolution" in wresting has revolved around their dedication.

Revolution has a price. Pro-Wrestling often leans into hyperbole, but typically what stands as a fact-check for that is time. The term “revolution” has been whispered since ALL IN...and years later it has been confirmed, validated, and it’s fandom has been vindicated. Being a fan should be simple, but we aren’t blind to the power your enjoyment manifests. It terrifies those willing to settle and be complacent...those not willing to stand inside the fire. You’ll be attacked. “Joy robbers” is what I call them. Don’t sell for them. Don’t even flinch. Don’t throw mud, and don’t stoop to their level. Buckle up, they’ll come for you...baseless as it all may be. Just enjoy. Just have fun. Content is king. And it’s my hope the revolution has the very best content. I have the very best fans in the world, I am supposed to carry you...but there’s been times when you’ve carried me, and for that I am forever grateful and in love with you.

You can see the former TNT champion's post below.