Contract Signing, Two Matches Announced for Tonight's WWE Friday Night Smackdown

-- WWE announced that Drew McIntyre will once again be appearing on tonight's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, this time to participate in the official contract signing for his match against Roman Reigns this Sunday at Survivor Series. Also announced is Murphy taking on Seth Rollins, as the latter winds down his schedule before taking some time off (presumably beginning next week), and Daniel Bryan battles Jey Uso in a rematch.

WWE Championship vs. Universal Championship Survivor Series Contract Signing

Last week on SmackDown, a determined Drew McIntyre into the WWE ThunderDome to make it clear to Universal Champion Roman Reigns that, after he got his WWE Championship back on Raw, he was coming for him at Survivor Series.

Now, four days after besting The Viper to reclaim the title, the Scottish Superstar will return to the blue brand for a Survivor Series Contract Signing with The Big Dog. With all out bedlam occur when the two fierce titleholders come face-to-face? Find out tonight at 8/7C on SmackDown.

Seth Rollins to battle Murphy on SmackDown

After Murphy betrayed Seth Rollins by helping Rey Mysterio triumph over The SmackDown Savior in a brutal No Holds Barred Match, Rollins has demanded a one-on-one match with his former disciple.

Considering that the irate Rollins will be out of payback, does Murphy have what it takes to overcome The Architect?

Find out tonight at 8/7 C on SmackDown on FOX.

Daniel Bryan returns to SmackDown to get retribution on Jey Uso

Tomorrow night, Daniel Bryan returns to Friday Night SmackDown for the first time since being brutally mauled by Jey Uso three weeks ago at the urging of Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Bryan will have a chance for payback when he steps into the ring with Uso in a rematch.

Will WWE’s “Yes!” Man get payback on the volatile Samoan? Or will he once again pay for interfering in family business? Find out tonight at 8/7C on SmackDown.