Corey Graves Gives His Opinion On Dog Mascot Segment, Says He Thought It Was A Fun Moment

WWE commentator Corey Graves spoke about the infamous King Corbin dog mascot segment from last week's Friday Night SmackDown on the latest episode of his After The Bell podcast, where Graves admits that he thought the moment was a bit of good fun, and the fact that it angered fans was a good thing.

The lifelong wrestling fan in me sort of enjoys this because it is really really fun listening to the vitriol and the disdain from the crowd reigning down on King Corbin. I know Corbin, he's one of my close friends, is loving every second of it. So why not take it to the next level? It is ridiculous. Yes it is asinine. The fact that somebody comes to the ring dressed up in a dog suit just to mock Roman made people mad, and I think that was the plan.

Graves continues...explaining that it's all set up for Corbin to eventually receive the beating he deserves from Roman Reigns.

Here's why I'm not losing any sleep over it. We know where it's going. We know at some point that stupid bulldog is going to get speared by Roman Reigns, hopefully he gets Superman Punched and the mascot head spins 360 degrees. It's going to be ridiculous. I'm okay with absurdity when it's fun. We know where this is going. If you've ever watched wrestling, you know exactly what happens. That dog is going to get beat up really bad. Inevitably Roman Reigns is probably going to kick Corbin's ass. I'm okay with it. I thought it was kind of fun.

Listen to the full podcast below.