Corey Graves Reveals He Helped Come Up With Spelling Of Roman Reigns Name

Corey Graves played a part in creating the overall package that ended up seeing Roman Reigns begin his reign as "The Head of the Table" in WWE.

Which part, you ask?

The reign itself.


During a recent interview with WrestleTalk, the WWE commentator revealed that he helped come up with the spelling of the "Reigns" name for Roman Reigns' character in WWE while he was still in the company's developmental territory.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

“I won’t say I named Roman Reigns, but I did suggest that he spells his last name the way he does. He’s actually acknowledged it a few times, which I thought was really cool. That’s my little contribution to ‘The Head Of The Table’ It’s sort of strange when I see Roman or Seth in particular. Seth’s the one where he’s been one of my closest friends since those days. I’m such a huge fan of Seth Rollins, and when he’s out there doing what he does, those are the times when the itch gets a little more present, because I think man, we had some pretty good matches against each other, then The Shield, The Wyatt Family, all these great memories from NXT."

“I just look at it as if I’m taking a different role in their journey. I’m going to live on vocally through so many of these moments and video packages, and when it comes down to JR and Stone Cold being synonymous, there will hopefully be a time where it’s me and Rollins, me and Reigns, and can kind of be the voice of that generation, which is satisfying in a very different way to competing in the ring, but it’s still satisfying nonetheless.”

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