Court Bauer On His Decision To Leave Twitter

MLW owner and former WWE writer Court Bauer appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio to talk about a variety of topics such as his decision to leave social media, most especially Twitter.

Court Bauer said:

“Probably during the summer. I was like, you go down Twitter, you go on social media and in my role, I’m supposed to hype and promote. We got into this phase, especially in wrestling, where every promoter at the high level is out there hyping and taking all the credit, ‘Look, love me, give me my flowers, I’m delivering all this stuff to you, bow down.’ It gets so self-aggrandizing, that it gets tacky. The shit speaks for itself. The work should speak for itself. I’m getting out of here. Let everyone else go make all the noise, I’m going in the other room, I’m going in the meditation room for a little bit and focusing on doing the good work and putting energy into that.”

Court Bauer also talked about a phrase that Wale used to say to him as it is important for his career as well as for the careers of Wale and the wrestlers. Bauer also talked about how it's more important to focus on what Wale said and put in the work rather than trying to get a retweet.

Court Bauer said:

“It’s an old thing that Wale used to say to me when we were focused on doing WaleMania and stuff, ‘SHINE. Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy.’ It sounds funky, but it’s such an important thing for his career, for my career, focus on that and put in the work, not just for yourself, but your company, the men and women out there killing themselves in the ring, all the crew in the back putting in long hours, everyone on the team. It’s more important to focus on that than just going out there and trying to get a retweet. Retweets don’t pay, the work you put in pays.”

You can check out Court Bauer's comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.