Court Bauer On How He Plans To Grow MLW’s Women’s Division

MLW owner and former WWE writer Court Bauer appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio to talk about a variety of topics such as how he plans to grow the women's division in Major League Wrestling.

Court Bauer said:

“That’s a big one (how he plans to grow MLW’s women’s division). First, you have to have a credible champion then slowly build out and the one thing that we struggle with really is like, we have five men’s titles and now we have one women’s title and it’s trying to get them more time. Now we have two weekly shows, two hours of original programming per week. We have MLW FUSION which now is gonna be streaming exclusively on Pro Wrestling TV and then we have MLW on Reelz, Tuesday nights. That’s 10 PM starting February 7th. So now we have more window, more opportunity to bring more women, we’re doing more women’s matches and that has been such an important part.”

Court Bauer also talked about how he plans to have multiple women’s divisions in the company.

Court Bauer said:

“So Taya’s defending the title, we have B3CCA debuting from New England and we have Billie Starkz and we’re gonna be announcing some more stuff soon for this card. We wanna build out and have multiple women’s divisions. We have a Featherweight division, maybe there’s an Atomweight division. We’re just trying to get that thing up and running and the more time we have, the more hours we have to put ‘em out there, the more chances we’re gonna have to do that.”

You can check out Court Bauer's full comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.