Court Bauer Shoots Down Idea Of Harland Winning Battle Riot: "Don't Expect Him In MLW"

Don't expect to see Parker Boudreaux in a Major League Wrestling ring any time soon.

Court Bauer appeared to reject the idea of Parker Boudreaux debuting in MLW and winning the Battle Riot made by a fan on social media this week.

Bauer noticed the tweet from a fan suggested the idea, to which he bluntly responded, "Don't expect Parker in MLW."

He added, "I wish him the best with his future."

Back in late-April, Bauer wrote of Parker on Twitter, "Know Parker Boudreaux well. He used to come to our MLW shows with his crew from UCF Football. Beast of an athlete. Will be a big player one day, if he keeps putting in the work."

Check out the tweets below.