D-Von Dudley Says WWE Will Be The Right Fit For His Sons

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recently appeared on an episode of the A2TheK Wrestling show, where he spoke about a number of topics such as how his sons, Terrence Hughes and Terrell Hughes, known as TNT are no longer working for AEW as he feels the WWE would be a better fit for them, especially now that Triple H is in charge of creative and he has the right vision for the WWE product with Shawn Michaels and Matt Bloom.

D-Von Dudley also spoke about how he feels a lot better in a promotion where he can trust his sons to be under the Paul Levesque regime because he is happy with how things are being run in the WWE now as well as how there is nothing but positive vibes in NXT and on the main roster.

D-Von Dudley said:

“Well, right now, they’re no longer doing things with AEW. We’re trying to get them to maybe come to NXT and start doing their thing over here now, which would be great. I’m very excited about it. They just need to polish up on a couple of things, and we’re bringing them in. You know, we would love to bring them in. I think they’ll be ready when the time comes, when the opportunity is given. I think they’ll be ready. Again, we got to polish up a few things and make sure they’ll be NXT-ready. That’s the thing. There’s no rush. They’re 27 years old. Let them take all the time in the world to polish up and get ready.”

“I just don’t think AEW will be the right fit for them. I think they know that. We’re all on the same page. I think WWE will be the right fit for them, especially with Paul being in charge and his vision with Shawn Michaels and Matt Bloom. I feel a lot better where I can trust my sons in the business under the Paul Levesque regime. I’m happy they would be under the Triple H regime because I love the way things are running here now, and there’s nothing but positive vibes here in NXT and on the main roster.”

D-Von Dudley's sons, Terrence Hughes and Terrell Hughes, known as TNT first made an appearance on AEW programming in November of 2020, when they competed on an episode of AEW Dark. They last competed for All Elite Wrestling in July, when they lost a Tag Team Match to The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison).

You can check out D-Von Dudley's full comments in the video below. H/T to WrestlingNews.co for transcribing the above quotes.