Damian Priest On How The Undertaker Is A Tremendous Human Being And A Great Person

WWE United States Champion Damian Priest recently spoke with Vibe & Wrestling on how he would love to go up against the All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley when the time is right, but for now he has an obligation as the WWE United States Champion and he must defend and retain his title.

Damian Priest said:

“What I want is my name to live forever and for that, I need moments, championships, and I have to keep moving forward. If today is wrestling Bobby Lashley, I would love it because he is number 1 on RAW and it has to happen.” “I have to have my shot on Monday Night RAW for the WWE championship, but it does not necessarily mean that it has to be today or tomorrow. Now, I have an obligation as champion. I am the United States Champion and I have to defend it and retain it. And I will get to Bobby Lashley when the time is right.”

Damian Priest then talked about WWE legend The Undertaker and how his love for the wrestling business and the WWE has made him and others like him have successful careers. Priest also spoke about how The Undertaker is a tremendous human being and a great person and how he is a huge fan of the WWE legend.

Damian Priest said:

“Sometimes they say: ‘don’t meet your heroes’ because they are not going to be what you think. Undertaker is everything and better.” “His love for our business, for WWE, is infinite and he has within him the need to help, and to be positive, and want us all to be successful in our careers. He likes to see people achieve their dreams and wants the company to remain number one. I am a super fan of him, and I was very nervous to have a conversation with him, but he is a tremendous, humble human being… Now we have a very good relationship and it is incredible to know that this is my life, that I have in Undertaker a person with whom I can talk. And he greets me because he knows me. It’s amazing and I love it. He is number one as a character, but also as a person.”