Danhausen Wants A Run In AEW and A Pairing With CM Punk

The very evil Danhausen recently spoke with Bleacher Report about all things pro-wrestling, most notably how he feels like AEW is the best place for his talents and why he thinks a pairing with CM Punk could be big money for the promotion. Highlights from the interview are below.

How he feels that AEW is the correct place for Danhausen to be:

“There is a certain place, and I don’t think it’s been a secret, that Danhausen would like to have wrestling matches with lots of people because they are all there. We can try to team with MJF or punch him in the groin if he tries to betray Danhausen. Danhausen has unfinished business with Corey [Cody Rhodes] from, like, three years ago. Danhausen needs to team with ‘Pepsi Man’ CM Punk, obviously. He needs to face Adam Page because he’s calling out Danhausen at comic cons in Chicago. There seems to be only one place for Danhausen.”

Why he thinks a pairing with CM Punk would be money:

“Danhausen could be CM Punk’s legend like how Darby [Allin] has Sting. We could do that and give him some advice as to how to take the championship. Danhausen has a lot of good friends there. Orange Cassidy is one of them. The Dark Order seems pretty evil. Britt Baker seems to deal with teeth. Chris Judas, perhaps I can join [Inner Circle]. Santana and Ortiz are looking quite evil nowadays. There’s a whole list of people Danhausen loves at that company. We shall make enemies with them or make friends with them or whatever.”

How he's healing up from his leg injury:

“All of January is taken off to do physical therapy and hopefully getting this muscly leg back to being muscly,” said Danhausen. “It’s going OK. I had my first day of physical therapy [last month] on this robotic leg Danhausen has now and doing easy things are quite hard to do now such as stretches and body weight squats. We shall get there and get even stronger like The Terminator.”