Daniel Bryan Reveals WWE Stars He Wants To Wrestle Before He Retires

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan recently spoke with WWE on BT Sport to discuss possible matchups he'd still like to have before he officially hangs em up. The former world champion names fresh talent like Ricochet, Apollo Crews, and Dominik Mysterio, and long-time veterans like Shinsuke Nakmaura, Seth Rollins, and lucha-libre legend Rey Mysterio.

One person that I'd like to wrestle, just because he can do so many incredible things, is Ricochet. Same thing with like Apollo Crews...I think Apollo Crews is infinitely talented.

One of the guys who'd I'd really like to have a like real like...something where we can stuck in with that I've never had the opportunity to do is Shinsuke Nakamura.

There's those kinds of things. Any young talent, any new challenges. We've had matches here in WWE but we've never had one that's really built into a big match is Seth Rollins. Just because he's a hero of mine I'd love to do a match with Rey Mysterio...I'd love to work with his son.

Check out his full comments below. (Please credit Rajah for transcription)