Daniel Garcia Calls His Match With Bryan Danielson "Best Non-Title Bout In AEW History"

As noted, Daniel Garcia recently appeared as a guest on the Battleground podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

In addition to the highlights from the interview that we previously published here at Rajah.com, the AEW star also spoke about his recent ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 pay-per-view bout against Wheeler Yuta and how the two will likely stand across the ring from each other several more times before their careers are over.

Additionally, the Jericho Appreciation Society member also spoke about his victory in his showdown against Bryan Danielson, and how he feels it was the best non-title match in AEW history.

Featured below are some of the additional highlights from the new Battleground podcast interview with Daniel Garcia where he shares his thoughts on these subjects.

On his victory over Bryan Danielson the biggest non-title win in AEW history: "I’m just coming off the biggest win in AEW history, the biggest non-title win to ever happen in AEW. I don’t care who anybody else has ever beat, what pay-per-view it was on, what special event it was on, me beating Bryan Danielson is the biggest non-title win to ever happen in AEW. No question, like period, finito, curtains, that’s it and I’m just gonna keep building off of that."

On his ROH Death Before Dishonor match with Wheeler Yuta and how he and Yuta will be wrestling for many more years ago: "It was really painful [match against Wheeler Yuta at ROH Death Before Dishonor]. That was mostly what I remember about the match. My neck was all hurt from getting palm striked in the neck, my back hurt from getting put in the Walls of Jericho but, it was a very hard-fought match. I think that we had a lot more in the tank that we could have exhausted, but I got a feeling — correct me if I’m wrong — I got a feeling we’ll have plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to exhaust these feelings that we have for each other over the next probably 20 years."

Check out the complete interview at YouTube.com. H/T to POST Wrestling for transcribing the above quotes.