Dante Martin, Tony Khan Provide Update On Darius Martin

Dante Martin has provided an update on his brother.

After Saturday night's AEW Full Gear Pay-Per-View, Dante Martin attended the post-show media scrum, where he was asked for an update on Darius Martin, who has been out of action since February.

Dante told the media:

“He’s been out since about February now... There’s not really a time gauge on when he’s coming back but he’s super excited to be back. Ready to take over the tag team scene and keep Top Flight strong."

AEW President Tony Khan added to the update from Dante, and explained:

"When Darius got hurt, it was a terrible situation. Top Flight are a very big part of AEW and we knew it was going to be a long injury and when Darius got hurt, I think Dante was still 19, so it was critical not to let his development get stifled. It was very important to me to put him on an accelerated track while Darius was out so that his development continued. I think we’ve made lemonade out of a terrible situation and he’s had so many great matches.I remember when we first sat down, I wanted you [Dante] with Matt Sydal, and what a great rivalry and mentorship it has been. Now, Lio has been such a great coach for Dante also while Darius has been gone. We miss Darius and lot and can’t wait for Darius to come back. Also, Lio is back on Wednesday. From both of us and everyone in the company, sending our sympathies to Lio, who lost his grandmother which is a really terrible situation.”