Darby Allin Reflects On Cinematic Style Street Fight At Revolution 2021

During the latest recording of The Sessions, former All Elite Wrestling TNT Champion Darby Allin reflected on his cinematic style Street Fight at Revolution 2021. Darby also revealed the spot that he hoped to perform in the match, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On the Street Fight at Revolution 2021:

“The Cinematic match was kinda hell on Earth. It’s like I get thrown through a door and it’s like, ‘Cut! Do that again.’ You get your adrenaline so high, and then you have to stop for so long, and then go so high. There was this part in the cinematic match where I was on the second story, and I was throwing a bat down to Sting, like just a baseball bat. Right before we were gonna do this scene, Tony [Khan] comes like, ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ He’s like ‘Don’t you know how physics works? He’s gonna break Sting’s face!’ Like the bat falling from the second story. And Sting’s all like, ‘No, we’re gonna do this. It’s too cool not to do.’ ‘No! It’s going to break your face if you don’t catch it!’ That was like the first and only I ever really stopped and thought — because normally if you think too much about things, it will throw you off. But Sting was like whispering to me, ‘Dude, just throw the bat!’ And we did it anyway, and he caught it like one-handed perfect.”

On a spot that he hoped to work into the match:

“I remember we were like filming from 12 noon until like six in the morning. It was super fun, but I would never want to do it again. You know, there was so much stuff I wanted to do in there, but I couldn’t. I wanted to like run someone over with a car. But there was a lot of stuff, it was fun though.”