Dark Order Members Reveal That WWE Offered Them Tryouts After Signing With AEW

AEW stars Alex Reynolds and John Silver from the Dark Order were the latest guests on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to recall a time they worked Madison Square Garden as WWE extras, and how WWE offered them a tryout after they signed with AEW. Highlights are below.

Working as extras against Heavy Machinery at Madison Square Garden:

REYNOLDS: At the time, it was always cool doing extra work for WWE, but we had done it for so long. You know what to expect; you go in, get catering, maybe do something, maybe don't. It's uncomfortable, but when they were like 'it's at [Madison Square Garden],' yeah, we weren't passing that up. Earlier in the day, we had matches beforehand and we wrestled each other. They pulled us aside and said, 'it's you guys versus Heavy Machinery.' For Long Island guys, wrestling in Madison Square Garden, it's wild. I remember John elbowed me when the ring was dark like, 'this is pretty cool.' I looked around, looked where I was sitting at WrestleMania 20, and was like, 'Yeah, this is pretty cool.

SILVER: I was looking where I was sitting when Kane and Gene Snitsky had their big feud. 'Wow, this is something.

How WWE offered the duo a tryout after they signed with AEW:

SILVER: After I signed [with AEW], they offered me a tryout.

You can listen to their full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)