Dave Meltzer Discusses AEW Stars Going To WWE

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has recently discussed All Elite Wrestling stars who could make the jump to the WWE. During his discussions on the subject, Meltzer speculated on when wrestling fans may start to see “All Elite” performers appear in the WWE Universe. Dave mentioned:

"Some will (go back and forth). People are going to go, so far it's been; I mean, I guess it's all been in one direction, right? No one from AEW that was any good wasn't signed for multiple years, so no one is going to be due until probably late 2022”.

Meltzer continued talking about the subject, and stated that he believes WWE would make AEW stars “real big offers”. Dave told listeners:

"At that point, there could be some movement. I don't know about the top executive guys, you know, I don't see them going, but you never know. You never know where people's minds are and things like that. As far as other guys they are going to get, some of those guys are going to get real big offers. But you know, Tony may keep them, and you know, I mean, it's going to be a story when the time comes, and there are going to be guys, whether Andrade is the next one, but there will be guys that WWE deals come up and they go”.

Who would you like to see make the jump from All Elite Wrestling to WWE? Sound off in the comments section!

(H/T and transcribed by S/KWrestling)