Details on Paid Gate & Tickets Sales for WrestleMania 37; Figures on Actual Attendance

-- While WWE claimed identical attendances of 25,675 people on both night one and night two of WrestleMania 37, not surprisingly the actual number of tickets sold fell short of that and the number of people who were actually at the event was even lower. Brandon Thurston of reports that the two-day event drew 40,806 total tickets for $6.2 million in revenue, with the paid tickets breaking down to 20,172 on the first night and 20,634 on the second night. However, in terms of actual people in the seats, it came to 18,328 fans on Saturday and 18,924 people on Sunday, and the report speculates that this could be due to an "overeager secondary market." All of this implies that the demand for WrestleMania fell slightly short of what WWE and the secondary market anticipated.