Dijak Says That Tony Khan Has Been Made Aware Of His Interest In Joining AEW

-- Former WWE wrestler Dijak became a free agent at the end of June and promptly appeared backstage at AEW Forbidden Door but was not used or shown on camera. Speaking to Forbes, Dijak discussed his status with Tony Khan's promotion and was asked if anyone extended an official invite that prompted him to attend the AEW PPV. In response, he revealed that Mojo Rawley and Steve Kaye of Paragon Talent Group arranged him for him to get backstage and that Khan has been made aware of his interest in AEW and while he didn't get into any details on whether negotiations are taking place, he shared that there is mutual respect.

"Nobody. I showed up uninvited (laughs). No, Mojo [Rawley] and Steve [Kaye] both arranged that for me. They have great connections. Steve was there with me, so he brought me along, brought me in. I don't know if anything needs to be approved by Tony specifically or if they just kind of have people going in and out. But I know that Tony has been made aware of my interest, and I know that there's reciprocal respect if nothing else."