D'Lo Brown Talks Working With Eric Bischoff, Says Current IMPACT Roster Is Super Enthusiastic

IMPACT producer D'Lo Brown spoke with the WINCLY recently to talk about his new role with the company, and how the current roster reminds him of his 2003-2004 run when the promotion was still TNA.

It seems everyone is more excitable today and they wanna go out there and put on the best show. They wanna show their talents and not that that's different than before, they're just younger and more enthusiastic and really wanna make an impression. Impact is trying to create a niche for itself and you have talent that wanna be a part of that.

Brown would then briefly talk about the Aces & Eights faction he was involved in, and how it was all put together by Erich Bischoff, whom Brown said he enjoyed working with. He would then comment on Bischoff's new position working for WWE on SmackDown.

He had a vision of what he wanted and he conveyed that down the line. You fell in line with his creative flow and I'm sure it's gonna be the same way with what he does with SmackDown. He was pleasant to work with and I never had an issue with him. He's a very 'this is the way I want it done' and I think that's how he'll handle SmackDown.

Listen to the full interview below, where Brown once again compares the current product to the Attitude Era.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)