Doc Gallows Discusses Ethan Page As A Singles Star, How Josh Alexander Is A Machine

IMPACT star Luke Gallows recently spoke with Fightful about a variety of subjects, including how the former multi-time tag champion has high praise for Ethan Page in AEW, and believes that Page's old partner, Josh Alexander, is going to now shine as a singles-wrestlers. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Has high praise for Ethan Page:

I think he’s getting used to it. He’s getting his feet wet. It’s a different environment for him, coming from IMPACT where he knew everybody and was comfortable with everybody. But, I think Ethan Page is a star. He’s just gotta step into his own form over at AEW and show everybody there what people saw in him at IMPACT. I think he’s a versatile character that can do all sorts of things. I’ve worked with him enough to know that he’s damn good in the ring, but he’s highly entertaining. The other thing about him that I love when I see with anybody is he’s highly motivated from all the vlogging and pushing himself and getting yourself out there. I know I’m guilty of it. Sometimes we’re guilty of over pushing ourselves down people’s throats. But, a guy like that who’s coming up, I think it’s a great thing for him. If you want it, you gotta go out and grab it and try to take it as best you can. I see him doing that. It’s probably going to be good for him.

Calls Josh Alexander a wrestling machine:

I think Josh Alexander is another great piece of talent. You know, maybe now he’s going to have an opportunity to shine as a singles star where you didn’t see that necessarily before. Because that guy’s a wrestling machine. I was watching him and Karl put on a clinic a few sets of tapings ago. It’s just fun to watch it as a fan, it really is.