Doc Gallows Thinks NJPW Star Made The Right Call Leaving WWE, Hypes Rebellion

IMPACT Wrestling star Luke Gallows recently spoke with Fightful to hype up this Sunday's Rebellion pay per view, where he and his fellow Good Brother Karl Anderson will attempt to reclaim the tag team championship from NJPW's FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay). Highlights from the interview are below.

How he is a friend of the Finlay family and has known David since he was a kid:

Of course it didn’t surprise me. That was part of the hand on the wheel, brother. No, I thought it was great. You know, you gotta remember, when I left Japan, I’ve known Finlay since he was a small kid, you know? I mean, Fit and Mel live in Georgia, not far from me. We’ve always been very friendly. Fit helped me young in my career, early on. Then I tried to help David as much as I could, not that he needed it, when he came to Japan as a young boy. Because he doesn’t know everybody. We would take him out to our sponsors and let him hang out, eat with us and hang out. He was a great kid, but he was in that young boy role.

Says Finlay and Juice work really well as a team:

Juice came over from NXT, he already had some name value, but he was still in that young boy role. So, seeing those guys—and we played it up on TV—but it was real. I was pumped to see them come into their own. I think that Finlay’s improved his look, his style. Their stars now, man, and it comes across on television. Both of them. They’re a great team, great young team. Athletic, good in the ring, entertaining. It was fun to see them on the American TV side of things where they’re starting to get to do more backstage stuff and to show some character stuff. I think that’s great for them. So, yeah, like I said, I think that’s a team that I’d like for Karl and I to get to do a lot more stuff with going down the road.

Says Robinson is a star wrestling would have missed out on if he stayed in WWE:

He’s one of those guys that would have been a star that wrestling missed out on had he not left. Because he would have stayed in that same role he was obviously unhappy in, to walk away from and bet on himself. You gotta love that. Goes to New Japan and comes into his own. But, I mean, he’s a guy that’s built to be an American TV star, he really is. I think it’s cool to have them doing that crossover stuff, because it’s great for IMPACT, but it’s also really great for those guys.