Dolph Ziggler On How Much Longer He Plans To Compete

WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler recently appeared on the Willis & Snyder program to discuss a variety of pro-wrestling topics, including how much longer the former world champion plans on performing now that he's at the age of 42. Check out Ziggler's full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

How he's been lucky and hasn't had any major surgeries:

"It really depends. The healthiest people in the world, sometimes it doesn't work. Some people have re-occurring injuries. I've been very lucky. Going on 18 years, no major surgeries.

Says he never wants to stop but know he will have to one day:

"Any kind of surgery I got, it was from wrestling in college. I've been lucky. I don't ever want to stop. One day I'll have to, but it sure as hell won't be now."

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)