Dominik Mysterio Says He's Prepared For Anything At SummerSlam, How He Grew Up In The Business

Dominik Mystero recently appeared on WWE's The Bump to hype up his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins at tonight's SummerSlam pay per view. Highlights are below.

How he's feeling after Seth attacked him with a kendo stick:

I'm actually feeling much better. The first couple of days were really rough because there was a stinging sensation throughout my upper body. Fighting back was uncomfortable, sleeping was tough, and so was training. The first couple of days they became bruises, but I healed up rather quickly.

How he's been preparing for the street fight:

We have a couple of things set up here and there, that if worse comes to worst, we have plans set up for that. We have been training in different types of environments. This is my first street fight match, let alone my first wrestling match, so we're preparing for everything.

On growing up in the business:

I've grown up in this business, so I know what it's like. I know the differences between having a crowd and not having a crowd. So, I think in general, my experience growing up in this since like 5-years-old, I think it will definitely play a major factor.

What comes next after tonight's matchup:

I haven't really given it much thought because I'm super focused on Sunday. After Sunday, I think I'll definitely sit down with my dad and see what is the next step for the Mysterio dynasty is, and what steps I need to take next.

Full comments in the video below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)