Don Callis Claims That His Time Working With NJPW Has Come To An End

IMPACT Wrestling executive and commentator Don Callis was the latest guest on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer to where the self-proclaimed "Invisible Hand" reveals that he no longer wants to do business with New Japan Pro Wrestling, as that ship has sailed following his previous stint with NJPW.

I see my business with New Japan as being done. When I went into New Japan in 2017, they were on one level. When I booked Jericho vs. Omega at the Tokyo Dome, their entire business model changed. Their revenue went up exponentially. They've been riding the Don Callis effect ever since. There is nothing left for me to do in New Japan. Anything I could do in New Japan now would pale in comparison to the game-changing nature that I did three years ago. I have zero interest.

Callis joined NJPW in 2017 as an English-commentator and was the man behind the Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho WrestleKingdom 12 matchup coming to fruition. Check out his full interview here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)