Don Callis On Getting Fired In WWE By Bruce Prichard, Says He Had A Gig Lined Up In WCW

IMPACT Wrestling executive and manager Don Callis was a recent guest on the Talk'n'Shop podcast to discuss his days back in WWE, where the Invisible Hand recalls getting fired by Bruce Prichard shortly after he was told he'd have a job at the company for life.

I had an eye-opening experience in 1998 when I was fired from my dream job two weeks before Christmas by Bruce Prichard. I had been told I would have a job there for life. They said to me three times 'move to Connecticut and write TV.' This is before they hired a bunch of marks and called them writers. This is when it was Pat Patterson, Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, and Vince [McMahon]. I thought I would have a job for life because I could wrestle, manage, commentate, and write. It was an eye-opener because it's like there is no job security.

Callis later reveals that there was an offer for him to join WCW in 2001, where he would commentate for Nitro along with Joey Styles.

In 2001, when ECW was about to go out of business, I had a gig lined up with [Eric] Bischoff. Joey Styles and I were going to go do commentary on Nitro. I was going to make more money than I ever made. I went from being able to leverage three companies to a monopoly.

Check out the full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)