Doudrop Comments On Eva Marie’s Recent WWE Release

WWE recently released a total of 18 talents reportedly due to budget cuts and one of those talents is Eva Marie. Eva Marie was put in a storyline with Doudrop, which started off with Eva Marie as the on-screen mentor of Doudrop and ended with Doudrop and Marie facing each other in in-ring action and Eva Marie coming out on the losing end on a number of occasions.

RAW Superstar Doudrop recently spoke with Metro and commented on Eva Marie's WWE release and said she is absolutely heartbroken because Eva is like a big sister to her and she is the nicest person you'll ever meet backstage. Doudrop also said she hopes this isn't the last we have seen of Eva Marie in WWE as she is amazing.

Doudrop said:

“Honestly, I’m absolutely heartbroken because that woman is a big sister to me.” “Behind the scenes, she is the nicest person you will ever meet… Every single person, she’s got a funny story with them. I just love her so much.”

“I hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of her in WWE, I think she’s amazing.” “When you see her in real life, you’re like… you’re amazing at being a heel. But time will tell – who knows what will happen in this crazy world?”

Doudrop also talked about how because of Eva Marie and her experience and guidance she was able to do what she did on the main roster.

Doudrop said:

“I feel like everything that has been thrown at me, I’ve knocked out of the park – especially being with Eva.” “She obviously has been here before so for me it was a bit calming to have someone that had the experience, and who could guide me.”