Doudrop Discusses Her Working Relationship With Molly Holly and Tyson Kidd In WWE

WWE star Doudrop recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about getting to work with Hall of Famer Molly Holly backstage, something the Scottish native calls a dream come true. She also speaks on her experiences with former in-ring competitor Tyson Kidd, whom Doudrop calls brilliant. Highlights are below.

Praises Molly Holly for her leadership backstage:

“Obviously I was a big wrestling fan growing up, so getting to work with her was like a dream come true. To talk to her, to get her perspective, to get some of her experience has been vastly useful for me. You try to chat to everybody but you definitely have to get a woman’s perspective because let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot of us.”

Calls Tyson Kidd a brilliant mind:

"He is such a brilliant mind. We think of things, we go to him and talk about it. He’ll go, ‘Okay, well what about this?' And he’ll flip it on its head and I’m just like, I can’t believe I’ve been wrestling for like 12 years now and didn’t see it from that perspective. He’s just a wrestling genius.”