Doudrop On If She Will Be At Tonight's WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event

Former WWE NXT UK Superstar and current WWE RAW Star Doudrop recently attended an anti-bullying “Be A Star” rally with a number of other WWE Superstars and it was during the event that Doudrop spoke with Denise Salcedo on a variety of topics such as if she will be at tonight's WWE Royal Rumble Event.

Doudrop said:

“I’ll be around.” “In what capacity, I’m not gonna tell, but I’ll be around.”

Doudrop also spoke about how she had to take time away from WWE in order to deal with a health scare.

Doudrop said:

“So, I’ve had some time off to deal with a little bit of a health scare that I had, but really that’s all it was. It was just a scare.”

Doudrop then spoke about how her heart problems got really bad when she was diagnosed with COVID, but she got the best care possible and now her heart is in excellent condition.

Doudrop said:

“Everything was always great.” “So, I got COVID real bad and the symptoms I was having were what was concerned about my heart. So, they got… bless them, they took the best care of me… they got every test for my heart that they could muster, and every single one of them came back clean as a whistle.”

“And much to some people’s annoyance, my heart is in excellent condition.”

You can see check out Doudrop's comments in the video below, along with photos from the anti-bullying rally. H/T to WrestlingHeadlines for transcribing the above quotes.