Drew McIntyre Comments On Wrestling Legend In 2009, Edge Promotes Jon Huber Shirt

WWE champion Drew McIntyre responded to a fan on Twitter who recalled watching the Scottish Psychopath wrestle Ricky Streamboat during the Dragon's brief WWE comeback in 2009. McIntyre writes, "Was unreal to wrestle Ricky Steamboat during his brief comeback in 2009.....I also got to work with his son, Richie, in FCW, 2010. Would tell him, I remember back in the day when I used to wrestle your Dad."

WWE Hall of Famer Edge did the intro for National Hockey Night in Canada while wearing a t-shirt honoring the fallen Jon "Brodie Lee" Huber. The R-Rated Superstar later tweeted, "For all of those asking, the Jon Huber Forever shirt I wore tonight is from @ViolentGents with all proceeds going to Jon’s family. Any others are knock offs that don’t go to his family."