Dudley Boyz Sign New WWE Legends Contracts, Say Their IMPACT Run Was Best Of Their Career

The Dudley Boyz have signed new deals with WWE.

Despite that, they made it clear in a recent Sports Illustrated interview that their runs in IMPACT Wrestling were the best in their career.

Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley spoke with Justin Barrasso of S.I. to promote the IMPACT 1000 special on Saturday, which will air on Thursday, September 14.

During the discussion, the duo confirmed that they have signed new WWE Legends contracts.

“We spent more time in Impact than in ECW or WWE,” Bully said. “It’s going to be fun to get back for one night. We never thought this would happen with Devon’s health, but he says he feels great. So we’re going out there on Saturday, and we’re going to give our fanbase what they know, love, and expect from Team 3D.”

D-Von added, “We had a better run in TNA than we did in WWE. But that’s our story–we’ve always been able to create something special. Look back, and you’ll remember that the Dudley gimmick was not meant to be serious. It was masterminded by Raven, and Taz put his two cents into it, but it was meant to be a joke. At first, we were just happy to be part of it. But Paul Heyman believed in us, and we decided to take the tag team to the next level.”

He continued, “Now we get to go back out there, the two of us, and return to Impact. Can you believe that? This Saturday is going to be incredible. The fans have no idea how inspirational they are to me. During my rough days, they were always there for me. I’m grateful for God, who brought me here, and I am grateful to the fans for lifting me up.”

Check out the complete interview at SI.com.