Dustin Rhodes Calls Tony Khan A Great Boss, Praises Him For His Knowledge Of The Business

AEW superstar Dustin Rhodes recently spoke with WrestleZone to talk all things pro-wrestling, mainly his great relationship with boss Tony Khan, and how good of a relationship he has with his roster. Highlights are below.

Calls Tony Khan an incredible boss:

Tony Khan is an incredible boss. I mean incredible. He’s very analytical and he knows his stuff. Like he’ll come up to me and say, ‘Man, I was just thinking about this match you had in 1991 and you did this certain move’ and I’m like, ‘What? Are you kidding me…you know the move? You know the move and everything?’ I’m shocked [about the] history he has inside of him and knows. He knows his stuff, and when he doesn’t. He learns quicker than anybody in the room. He’s a very, very smart individual and a smart boss and an incredibly friendly boss and very easy to talk to.

How Khan is easily approachable:

He’s approachable and that’s very, very important that you have a boss that is like that and he’s one of those bosses so to be with him, to be in this company is incredible.