EC3 Discusses When He'll Possibly Return To The Ring Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Pro-wrestling superstar EC3 recently spoke to Chris Van Vilet about a variety of topics, where the former IMPACT world champion revealed his diagnosis for COVID-19. Later in the interview EC3 stated that he hopes to return to action by January before claiming that he still has his eye on Ring of Honor as the best wrestling company in the world.

I will miss that match and I don’t want to because I really want to find out if honor is real and I do plan on finding if honor is real in January. Out of all the promotions out of all the things we talk about within the wrestling world and the art form or the pure combat sport that is wrestling, Ring Of Honor is the best wrestling in the world. And is there still honor within the ring? I don’t know. I’m dying to find out. I know there’s not honor outside the ring, I’ve been in many places that have shown me that fact. But does honor still exist in the ring?

You can check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)