EC3 Reveals That Impact Pivoted To Cinematic Match At Bound For Glory, What He Thought Of Moose Feud

Top pro wrestling superstar EC3 recently spoke to Fightful to discuss his IMPACT Bound For Glory cinematic showdown with Moose, and what his overall thoughts were on the feud. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Gives his thoughts on how the feud went:

"Okay. Did it go how I originally planned, me and myself? No. But, I don’t expect it to because at that point I’m working for a company. Control your narrative. I control mine. They control theirs. Having said that, was I happy with it? Extremely happy. I thought it was a great story arc. I think the only hold ups to it was getting from point a to point b with so much time in between to not do so much physicality that maybe there’s a little bit of redundancy. But, a necessary save the sanctity for where we were going at Bound for Glory. The original plan was, and this is why the Narrative extended—available on my website,—has what I filmed with Moose prior to my return to IMPACT!. Because prior to my return to IMPACT! part of my conditions were I’d like to produce use him in my thing and I would like to build on the side going forward and I will do this with him and we will culminate at Bound for Glory. it’s somewhere in between that."

Says IMPACT pushed for the cinematic match:

"They decided they wanted to do a ‘cinematic’ match for Bound for Glory, and that’s fine. Kind of leaving me with what we shot on the ground floor on the table just sitting there. I was very happy with how we did the match. I thought the match told a great story. I thought it put Moose into position—I think the last shot of his sitting on the ring apron with that look in his eyes made him. Now, I’ve done everything I could for him. Let’s see where he takes it.”

Explains what the original plan was:

“Originally my intention was for half-way through this angle for him to come looking for me, come to my Narrative, we have a fight. It’s not a win or a loss fight, but it’s a fight. But, therefore, he learns more about himself within it, we go to Bound for Glory in a normal match and then he becomes who he’s supposed to be. He’s victorious. He conquers the challenge. EC3, the character, can go die on his sword, having destroyed his past by allowing himself to be destroyed by who he deems the person that can control the future of the company, so to speak. So, it didn’t happen that way. Still very happy with how it came out. I’m sitting there with that match with Moose and I thought it was his best performance. The one I had with him, in the extended Narrative, that it just seemed like an opportunity to throw it out there, see what happens. It’s cool.”